About FaxMAX

Receive or send fax without hassle. Features: Mass fax sending, API support, mobile device support, event pushing for informing your program.

FaxMAX; supports active/active or active/passive clustering

FaxMAX web FaxMAX Web Applicaiton

FaxMAX supports working as multi-domain and multi-tenant. It can be used for a single company or as a SAAS for Telecom Operators.

FaxMAX communication channels FaxMAX communication channels


FaxMAX sends only un-sent pages when communication is reset while sending multi-page faxes

  • Get received faxes by e-mail (Fax2Mail)
  • Send faxes by e-mail (Mail2Fax)
  • Send faxes by virtual printer (Print2Fax)
  • VOIP fax sending (FOIP)
  • VOIP fax receiving (FOIP)
  • Send your old fax machine as scanner and send faxes(FXO Gateway)
  • Use your old fax machine as printer and reveive faxes (FXS Gateway)
  • Send-Receive faxes on mobile devices
  • Send-Receive faxes by API (

Web UI Properties

You can scan a page with your mobile phone's camera and send it as fax.

Responsive Responsive
  • Phonebook
  • Saving documents for easy resending
  • Multi-language support
  • Role based ACL support
  • Mass fax support
  • Fax to all phones in Phonebook
  • Direct fax from phonebook
  • Theme customization
  • Responsive design
  • Fax cover page support
  • Attach DID to user(s)
  • Attach user to DID(s)
  • Simultaneous call limit for an account
  • Disk quota limit for an account
  • Reporting fax metrics

Product Web Page

For details of you can visit FaxMAX web page. You can also use FaxMAX as a service with great discounts.