TelcoBridges ProSBC

TelcoBridges ProSBC is a carrier-grade session border controller software package, designed for Network-to-network interface (NNI SBC) peering and access functions (access SBC). Scalable up to 60,000 sessions.

ProSBC is a fl exible pure-software solution that can be installed seamlessly onto general purpose servers, popular virtualization platforms and TelcoBridges’ certifi ed servers giving access to an extensive set of call routing, network adaptation and policing functions.

With integrated analytics and network troubleshooting tools and a fi eld-proven SIP stack deployed in more than 100 countries, ProSBC is the ideal choice for VoIP service providers and enterprises.

ProSBC Usage *ProSBC Usage*

Management Capabilities

  • Provisioning and status graphical interface (GUI)
  • HTTPS secured transport
  • CLI interface for local and remote management
  • RESTful northbound provisioning and status API
  • Level-based user access
  • Configuration change audit logging
  • SNMP v2, v3 GET, TRAPs (alarms)
  • Extensive SNMP call statistics MIBs
  • Configurable Call detail records (CDRs)
  • Customizable text-based CDRs
  • Customizable RADIUS accounting
  • Lawful interception (ETSI 201 671)

High Availibility & Geo-Reduncdancy

  • 1+1 redundancy support (active/standby)
  • No loss of service
  • Ethernet port bonding support
  • Fault-tolerant software
  • Seamless software upgrade
  • Emergency routing

Supported Platforms

  • Bare-metal servers
  • OpenStack with KVM hypervisor
  • Native KVM hypervisor
  • VMware with vSphere hypervisor
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Universal CPE (uCPE)

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Max. concurrent sessions (no transcoding)26,00032,00060,0004000
Max. concurrent sessions (with 100% transcoding)13,00016,00030,0000
Max. completed sessions per seconds (CPS/CSPS)6006001,100200
Max. sessions attempts per seconds (CAPS/SAPS) when refused by routed destination endpoint1,2501,2501,400740
...when refused by routing engine1,9201,9202,0002,000
...when refused while in congestion4,0004,0006,0006,500
Max. registration per seconds (RPS)3,4003,4004,7002,200
Max. registration refresh per seconds (RRPS)13,00013,00019,8006,100
Max. registered devices 5350,000350,000350,000350,000